Welcome to the home of St. Lucy Botanists


Supporters of holistic beauty and advocates of environmental responsibility, our mission at St. Lucy botanists is to bring exceptional experiences through nature to everyone we touch.

Our company is built around botanical science and the concept that plant based products are far more enriching. Not only do plant essences naturally smell better, functionally they’re more effective, providing endless benefits to the body and mind.


Perched along the Northwest coast of Barbados, the tiny seaside village of St. Lucy sets the stage for our collection of WONDROUS fragrances. A bustling town, wild herbs, gusty sea breezes, fields of sugar cane and colonial houses whisper stories of a tropical hideaway.

St. Lucy is known for being the only parish to be named after a female patron saint; Saint Lucy of Syracuse born in 283. Lucy’s Latin name Lucia shares a root (luc–) with the Latin word for LIGHT. She is named as the patron saint of the blind and protector of sight.