The Brand

Supporters of holistic beauty and advocates of environmental responsibility, our mission at St. Lucy botanists is to bring exceptional experiences through nature to everyone we touch. Our company is built around the concept of botanical science and the idea that plant-based products are far more enriching. Not only do plant essences naturally smell better, but they are also functionally more effective and provide endless benefits to both the body and mind.

St. Lucy, Barbados

Perched along the Northwest coast of Barbados, the tiny seaside village of St. Lucy sets the stage for our collection of natural fragrances. Unique terrain and tropical climate nurture some of the Caribbeans’ most intriguing scents such as Frangipani, Night Blooming Jasmine, West Indian Bay, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon.

The Founder

St. Lucy Botanists was founded in Barbados by Kathryn Walters, a former wine and spirits specialist with a strong faith in the innate connection between people and nature. Trained in Italy and The United Kingdom, Kathryn uses her experience of distilling plant materials to create “real” fragrances that are more exquisite than anything created in a lab.  She believes that the highest quality raw materials are the secret to wonderful perfumes and thats why she only uses the most precious varieties for her olfactory creations.