Khus Khus

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Green  –  Evocative  –  Earthy

Deep Green Organic Haitian Vetiver blends harmoniously with the mysterious faerie wood aroma of Oak Moss absolute to create an earthy, grounding fragrance to soothe the soul.  

TOP NOTES: Cold Pressed Tangerine


BASE NOTES: Vetiver Root, Oak Moss


Each small batch is hand-blended on the island of Barbados from 100% natural raw materials.

Convenient, compact solid perfumes in a base of natural beeswax and jojoba oil are ideal for travel.  Each solid perfume blends with your body chemistry, encapsulating you with your own unique fragrant aura.

Directions for use:  For greater diffusion, apply the solid perfume on your pulse points, where your body gives off the most heat: wrists, neck, behind your ears and your décolleté.

0.2 oz.  /  e 5.7 g

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Vetiveria zizanioides

Botanical family: Poaceae
Method of culture: Traditional
Part harvested: Roots
Properties: Grounding

Haitian Vetiver (also known as Khus Khus) essential oil is extracted from the roots of a tropical grass.  It has a deep resinous aroma with pronounced woody, earthy, root-like notes and light smoky undertones. More than just a simple grass, its aromatic complexity is why Vetiver is often thought of as a perfume in itself.  Its wonderful complexity is due to the fact that the grass has hundreds of fine fibrous rootlets capable of extracting subtle and rare fragments from the earth creating exquisite nuances within the plant roots.

Vetiver is well known as the Oil of Tranquility and is a good grounding oil for those who focus on intellectual activities.


2 reviews for Khus Khus

  1. lola

    Just discovered this! Wore it out and got so many compliments. The next day I could still smell it on my clothes and couldn’t stop smelling them – I’m hooked

  2. richa singh

    this one is captivating. lovely heady scent!

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