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Paying homage to the invigorating Grapefruit, discovered right here in Barbados during the 16th century.  Originally called “The forbidden fruit”, The Grapefruit is a hybrid ORIGINATING IN BARBADOS as an accidental cross between two introduced species, the Jamaican sweet orange and the pomelo.

Hand poured in to artisanal earthenware pots.

SCENT: Fresh and effervescent Grapefruit and Orange rind

ESSENTIAL OILS: Grapefruit, Bitter Orange

PROPERTIES:  Uplifting & Clarifying.  This fresh cleansing fragrance includes oils with mood enhancing properties known to reduce stress and fatigue.

SIZE:  Large: 14oz (400g)

BURNING TIME:  Large candle over 65 hours.

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Common Name: Grapefruit

Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi

The evergreen grapefruit tree grows up to 15m tall, with glossy dark green leaves, white flowers and large, pink or yellow fruits with pink flesh.  Its pithy peel is steam distilled to produce a fresh citrus top note.

Properties: Grapefruit is well regarded as an uplifting mood enhancer known to reduce stress and fatigue, whilst building energy levels and metabolism.  Its clarifying powers are employed to detoxify and fight respiratory infections.

Forage: The “citrus of paradise” is one of the many citrus species grown in Barbados and the Caribbean islands.  Very common in 1700’s, George Washington writes in his Barbados Journal (1750-1751) about ‘the Forbidden Fruit’ as one of the local fruit available at a dinner party he attended.  Now found throughout Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, Martinique.




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  1. Cristina Restrepo

    Best best best candle to have!
    Love the smell!
    Love to feel this cool freshness in my house.

    Love the quality!
    They last very long and they use the best wax! When I blow the candle out I love to rub a bit of the wax in my hands, it feels like having a massage with the best quality oils!

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