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Through the fields of Sugar Cane, at the end of the long driveway lined with Royal Palms, sits The Great House.  Under the ceilings of this great mansion, leathery aromas swirl and coral walls vibrate with whispered discussions.  A warm scent tinged with wood and spice confess stories of generations passed.

The Abbey pays tribute to the Great Plantation Houses and Jacobean Abbeys built throughout Barbados in the 1600’s; many of which are still standing today.

Hand poured into artisanal earthenware pots.

SCENT: A Caribbean Hymn of Cedar wood & Black Pepper with base notes of Tea & Mahogany.

ESSENTIAL OILS:  Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Patchouli

PROPERTIES:  Strength & Stability.  This rich aromatic fragrance includes oils with grounding properties, known to combat negativity.

SIZE:  Mini 4.2oz / 120g or Large 14oz / 400g

BURNING TIME:  Mini candle over 20 hours.  Large candle over 65 hours.


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Common Name: Cedarwood

Botanical Name: Juniperus virginiana

Slow-growing, coniferous evergreen, reaching heights of 33m.  It has a reddish heartwood and bears brown cones.  Cedar is an important timber tree and often used throughout the Caribbean to build many of The Great Houses.  Its aromatic insect resistant trunk is steam distilled to produce a woody middle note.

Properties: A well rooted tree, you can lean on to provide strength and stability.  Cedar wood essential oil has grounding properties and is known to combat negativity.




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3 reviews for THE ABBEY

  1. Krissi

    I am very big into my candles, mainly for the scent in order to give that special ambience to a room. These candles ooze class and sophistication. The candles are also superb quality. I have only tried a couple so far with the Abbey being my clear favourite. i shall be back for more!

  2. Sophie Teixeira de Abreu

    Every time I pass by this candle “THE ABBEYE” in my house (lit or not), it triggers something really strong in me: Memories, Home, Friendships. Living in Barbados, and thus far from our families, the unique scent that emerges from THE ABBEYE candle has become addictive for me. It is a very deep and reassuring fragrance, with accents of leather and old wood.
    The elegance of the candle, that timeless look of luxury, were even more reasons for me to decide to decorate our home in South of France with 6 of them. To infuse it with that smell that I am simply addicted to and make it our signature “welcome scent”, to all the friends and family who come and visit.

  3. Rachel Noble

    I love this candle. Its value for money is superb as it burns for an amazing amount of time. However I have found that actually as soon as it is lit, the fragrances are intense and wonderfully calming. I was incredibly lucky to receive one as a gift and now I just keep going back to buy more. If you love candles, then buy this one. I can not recommend it enough.

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