Natural Perfume Workshop

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How do you capture the essence of a moment and release it upon a persons skin?

Create your own natural bespoke fragrance during a scented experience with our founder, Kathryn Walters, where you become the Alchemal Artisan.

With expert guidance, you’ll discover that making your own perfume is easy with exceptional quality raw materials.  In this session you will use your innate olfactory sensibility to transform natural essences into your own signature scent.

Each workshop is a mini masterclass in understanding fragrance components and will provide you with a foundation in perfume creation.

Leave with an enriched fragrant vocabulary, a reverence for natural ingredients, and a stronger connection to the least used of all of mans’ senses (Yes, smell!).

You will create your bespoke scent during our 1.5 hour workshop, name it and take home your personalized fragrance in a 50mL French flacon.

For your peace of mind, your perfume formula will be securely archived in the St. Lucy Botanists ledgers, so you can keep it forever and reorder when needed.