jasmine enfleurage
Precious Raw Materials

Journey from Plant to Perfume

Natural fragrances delivering your connection to nature. More exquisite than anything created in a lab.
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Handcrafted in Barbados

St. Lucy Botanists resides in a tiny seaside parish on the remote Caribbean island of Barbados.

Precious Botanicals

From essential oils, resins, tinctures and precious absolutes, our perfumes are 100% natural and free from synthetic chemicals.

Small Batch

Advocating artisanal methods, our perfumes are blended in ridiculously small batches and bottled by hand.

Refreshing Body Wash
Refreshing Body Wash
Nutmeg is Grenada's main export product. This nutmeg is newly picked from the tree by a native Grenadian during a rain forest hike.

A Collaboration Between Nature and People

It is our passion to create luxurious product using only the most effective natural ingredients to deliver remarkable results for our consumers.
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